Indian cooking class

Thursday May 25th @ 6-9 PM, $65 double ticket $100 This class is gluten-free and dairy free. It also offers options for vegetarians and vegans. Chicken curry w coconut milk from southern India Cilantro chutney Stick samosas w spicy beef or potatoes Rogan josh- lamb curry Baigan bharta- smokey eggplants Chicken 65- an appetizer, common  street […]

From farm to table

Thursday September 8th, 6 PM- 9 PM   $65 Use your bounty from the market in creative and delicious ways. Wednesdays are market days in Asheville. let’s celebrate this fresh bounty with a delicious meal. Muscatine grapes, cherry tomatoes, pears and fennel are beginning to appear in the markets at the end of August. We will utilize them in a […]

Hearty Mediterranean

Saturday April 29th, 2017 | 06:00 PM – 09:90 PM| $65 PER PERSON Discover some of the home-cooking secrets of the Mediterranean. Mediterranean meals are often a game of mix and match, rather than a formal 3 course meal. Let’s stuff some vegetables w fragrant lamb and smoky wheat and let slow cook. To the colorful […]